Jesus & Narky

Miami, FL

Jesus & Narky’s story:

We are from Venezuela. We came to the U.S. because in our country there is an interesting situation going on with the economy, politics and the security. We came this far to the United States because we asked ourselves, ‘What do we do to survive?’ We were looking for safety, and there was so much turmoil over there. Now, we are here sitting on the beach, and we are here calm and safe and happy.

Jesus’s story:

I worked for a pharmaceutical company in Venezuela, and she worked for a travel agency. She learned about Miami while working there about five years ago. We met there, and are now here in Miami married. Happily married! We are here to relax and take English classes. There are a lot of Latinos here, so it is an easy transition. Apart from the socio­political problems in Venezuela, you couldn’t easily take an English class there, so we decided to come here to Miami.

Narky’s story:

Since we are far from family, we try and enjoy as much traditional Venezuelan food as possible to remind us of home. There is this delicious dish made with corn­flour, wrapped in a banana leaf, with meat and sometimes olives that we love. We can find it here because there are a lot of Venezuelans in Miami. We also eat pan de jamón, arepas ­­ they are very famous here. I’m sure that you know of arepas! The Colombians say that they invented the arepa that we make and sell, but there is a difference in preparation.
If the circumstances permit, and the economy permits, we want to stay and have a life here since we don’t speak much English and finding work is a bit difficult. We have started looking, but it is not easy.


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