The I Stand With Immigrants / I Am An Immigrant Initiative, powered by the FWD.us Education Fund, Inc., leads narrative campaigns that empower immigrants and allies to share their stories and drive action that demonstrate how immigration is good for our communities, economy, and country. We do this with the goal of encouraging everyone to explore their individual heritage and celebrate both our distinct and shared experiences.

As part of this initiative, the I Stand With Immigrants / I Am An Immigrant campaign encourages all Americans to celebrate the monumental contributions that immigrants have made — and continue to make — every day. Together, our other online campaigns, #ToImmigrantsWithLove, #ImmigrantHeritageMonth, and #CelebrateImmigrants, allow space for immigrants and their allies to share stories demonstrating how immigration benefits our communities, economy, and country. These campaigns provide new avenues for individuals, companies, organizations, and public leaders to take action in support of their immigrant employees, colleagues, constituents, neighbors, and friends — not just during our campaigns like Immigrant Heritage Month, but every day of the year.

Since June of 2014, Immigrant Heritage Month has given people across the United States an opportunity to annually explore their own heritage and celebrate the shared diversity that forms the unique story of America.

Join us during Immigrant Heritage Month as we share stories exploring the powerful and crucial ways diversity enriches our communities and society, and join a growing coalition across the country proclaiming that it’s time to #CelebrateImmigrants.


Powered by the FWD.us Education Fund, Inc.


We all know someone with an immigration experience or have an immigrant heritage story of our own. Join us in sharing your story for a chance to be featured on our official channels!