Jessica & Lizzie

Miami, FL

“My mom’s side came over on the Mayflower…”

Jessica’s story:

My family is from Detroit originally. Half of my family is Sioux Indian and the other half is Scottish-English.

I think my family is unique in that my dad’s side of the family has ten brothers and sisters, so I come from a pretty big family. And I have only sisters. We are all girls whose children are all boys, so our family is switching from a line of girls to a line of boys.

Lizzie’s story:

My mom’s side came over on the Mayflower, so those were the people who came over and started occupying territory. Usually it’s my mom who tells that story since it is on her side but she also tells the story of one of our ancestors being an indentured servant. It was random because my English teacher in fifth grade helped me find out that my ancestor was an indentured servant to one of her family members, which, as you might imagine totally caught me by surprise.


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