Almost two decades ago l made a life changing decision to embark on an intercontinental journey. I traveled from my native country Ghana to the United States of America. What l thought will be a few years away from home has now become a permanent move, a move that has been influenced by the changing trends of economic activities and the leadership across the globe. Today, l proudly proclaim that l became an American citizen on June 9, 2017, a feat many desire but only a few achieve.

I am no longer dreaming the “American dream” l am living it. America, the most coveted country in the world, a country where opportunities abound and the sky is the limit to what one can do. As an American citizen, l know that l have a voice that will be heard by all. Human right surpasses everything; even in the face of racial rife l still feel confident that my right as a woman and a human being is protected.

My decision to become an American citizen now completes my family. I am a mother of three American citizens and I have an American husband, we now have a family of all Americans, what a joy it is to be an American citizen. As an American citizen l know l live in a country where the people are governed by a constitution that has been written by the people for the people therefore giving me freedom of expression and the pursuit of happiness. I also know that as an American citizen my dreams are achievable so long as l am willing to work hard. My desires are attainable through the opportunities that are available to me. I am excited and proud to be an American, a dream come true.

This day couldn’t have come at a better time than now since this month is designated as Immigrant Heritage month. Activities of the month involving other immigrants who have also become American citizens really resonate with me especially stories of those who have traveled a similar path as l have.

A new day has been born in my life; l will celebrate and acknowledge it annually as a sign of my appreciation to America for offering me such an amazing opportunity to be a part of what l consider to be the greatest in the world. I am so grateful to the American people for the hospitality and comfort they provide to visitors to this fine Country. My family and l will forever be grateful; I hope that l will be able to contribute to the continuous building of this great nation through community involvement volunteering and the workforce in general. God bless my family and God bless America.


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