Hugo & Victor

Miami, FL

“The best part of my culture is just simply being Cuban.”

Hugo’s story:

I am from Cuba, and I have been in the United States for four years. Next year I will be a citizen. One of my favorite traditions that I brought to the United States is Guarapo, sugar cane juice; these are 100% Cuban products. Sugar cane is cultivated in various Latin American countries but Cuba is the main one, there you get sugar for alcohol and other beverages.

I never worked with the sugar cane in Cuba but I was raised in the sugar cane plantations, then I went to the city to study. Now in Miami, I work with it more. The best part of my culture is just simply being Cuban; I am a Matanzero. I am proud to be Cuban.

Victor’s story:

I’m here from Homestead, so I was born in Idaho. A year after I was born, I moved here to Miami. My mom is Italian from Brooklyn, NY and my dad is Puerto Rican. They passed down the food. My mom cooks Italian food from scratch, so she taught me how to make it. My dad taught me how to dance and party, really.

Hugo and I’ve been working together for about six months. He’s a good guy! Our communication is not the best, but we’ve learned to work together. I know a little bit of Spanish, I understand more than I speak.


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