I Stand With Immigrants Initiative Hosts Fifth Annual Day of Action

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the I Stand With Immigrants Initiative hosted its fifth annual Day of Action in a virtual display of solidarity with immigrants. This year, we’re proud to partner with the Alliance for Youth Action to spread the word about the critical importance of voting to support immigrant families and communities, if you are eligible to do so.


In years past, I Am An Immigrant /I Stand With Immigrants has celebrated a college and university Day of Action by encouraging students to host their own on-campus events. This year, we’re excited to expand this Day of Action even more broadly – because we know how critical it is that everyone who is eligible to vote makes a plan to do so in this election. For many people, voting this fall is one of the many ways we can uplift the voices of, and protect individuals who may not be eligible to vote – maybe because they’re not U.S. citizens, or have been disenfranchised – who are integral parts of our communities.


“We’re thrilled by the overwhelming positive support for immigrants for this year’s Day of Action,” said FWD.us University Program Director Ali Procopio. “Communities across the country are standing in solidarity with and celebrating immigrants, and for eligible voters, this upcoming election will prove to be a crucial moment to do just that. Voting is one of many ways that people have historically wielded their power and fought to protect vulnerable communities. If you are eligible to vote in this upcoming election, I urge you to think about those who contribute to making every facet of our society richer, but don’t have a voice in our democracy. They need us to vote with them, their families, and loved ones in mind.”


As part of the Day of Action, hundreds of allies – including students and campus organizations, advocacy organizations, and community and business leaders – are sharing heartfelt videos urging eligible voters to center immigrants and other disenfranchised people when they head to the polls. Now is a crucial time to exhaust every possible avenue we have for protecting vulnerable communities. In addition to protesting, advocating, and community organizing, eligible voters can show up for immigrants by making a plan to vote, and encouraging others who are eligible to do so as well. We will continue to stand in solidarity with protestors and activists on the ground fighting for Black American and Indigenous people in this country.


Highlights from today’s Day of Action activities include:
Voting isn’t perfect – but it is an essential part of the pathway to a more free and just society, one that offers the opportunity to reduce harm while we continue to work for systemic change, and we see it as a vital tactic in a larger strategy to advocate for all of our families and communities.

The I Am An Immigrant campaign encourages the exploration of our individual heritage(s) and the recognition of our distinct and shared experiences. I Am An Immigrant aims to bring awareness to our shared history and stand in solidarity with friends, neighbors, peers, teachers, and all immigrants who continue to drive this nation forward.


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